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Meet Moossa, a 6 months old boy from Baghdad – and sadly, Iraq’s first victim of polio in 14 years.

“I never thought that my child could be paralyzed,” says his father, who deeply regrets not having his children vaccinated against this debilitating disease.

Since the detection of Moossa’s case, polio vaccination campaigns have begun in Iraq, Syria and Egypt to reach all children under 5. Read more in our latest blog post:  


Ban Ki-moon has congratulated the Afghan people for historic presidential and provincial elections on Saturday, which marked an important step forward in the country’s path to democracy.

“The millions of women and men who cast their ballots are a testament to the courage and the commitment of Afghans to exercise their rights and shape their future,” said the Secretary-General.

Noting the strong participation of women in the polls, he said the elections also marked “another step forward for Afghan women in taking their rightful place in society and having a say in their country’s future.”


Images from the central highlands of Madagascar, shot during production of a film about traditional silk weavers and how access to international markets is radically changing lives for the better, especially for women. 

See how Peace Corps Volunteers are helping women like these silk-weaving artisans expand their business internationally to boost income-generation opportunities and provide steady income for their families

In September 2000, the member nations comprising the United Nations (UN) convened at the New York headquarters to adopt the Millennium Declaration. Eight individual goals were developed to alleviate extreme poverty and its underlying causes.

With the deadline swiftly approaching, it is time to measure progress against the MDGs, beginning with the first two goals.

Where are we now? The Millennium Development Goals - Part one

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